Welcome to West coast military

We are closed between 28 May and 13 June

You can visit us in Normandy at Dog green camp in Verville Sur Mer 1-9 June


Orders meanwhile will be sent when we get home

Market/Swap meet August 3!

Parts for Dodge WC, Willys Jeep, GMC, Volvo Valp, Sugga, Volvo TGB and others
Most parts for Volvo are rare and smal amount.

We have a great knowledge of military vehicles and are always looking for the best parts to offer on our website. We are NOT selling parts fom China as most of our competitors.

Our main knowledge is in Dodge WC, Willys Jeep and GMC.
We buy, sell, restore and mediate military vehicles.

If you do not find what you are looking for, we will try to find it for you.
We are sending products world wide! But NOT RUSSIA
Now we have clothes and equipment!

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Best regards
Mikael Stenberg

Some of our products

902 SEK
833 SEK
Seal tested! Best quality
90 SEK
72 SEK
69 SEK
With appearance as original
180 SEK
49 SEK
167 SEK
WCM own production!
624 SEK
Hose short
153 SEK
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